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To Our Friends and Fans,

Please sign our guestbook and let us know that you're out there.
We've received many messages from folks who have interesting anecdotes
from the mind expanding and exciting times of the 60's and 70's.

With Love,
The Ace of Cups

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Looking forward to the CD and documentary this year. Have the 1st CD and the signed card which I treasure.

Mercer Garnett 

Hello. I like this website and band

Robert Vaillancourt 

Hellow denice I am the boyfriend of miss Evelyn Kaufman.
She is having her bottom teeth pulled and I have given her all the money I can give right now from my government check she needs 1800. Dollars more to pay for the whole thing.i need to know can you help in any way please send mails to miss Evelyn Kaufman 411 FRANKLYN
ST apt 802 02139 her phone number is 1617 868934
Please send whatever you can again I am Robert vaillancourt at 102 Belle ave San Rafael ca 94901 thank you so much I really dig it that you are still an up and happening thing that is so cool God bless break a.leg

Barbara Delamontanya  

Looking to contact my friend Marla

susan carpenter(jewkes) 

Hi Denise, Jewkes family reunion Joes Valley Utah,July 22nd to July 25 Love the carpenters,David and Susan

Ann Cohen 

I am here to view photos and video's of you

Michael Scott Parker 

I feel so totally ignorant for just now finding out about you ladies. Especially since I love so many Frisco bands from your era. Keep playing. Your kids are all up and grown so you've got more time to jam. :)


I just read every word of Denise's interview on the lamaworkshop site, from 2005. I am so so so moved by all of you, your music, spirit, words. I have to say, I totally agree with Denise that any scrap of music, however bad quality, that exists in any form of the music you made back then should *definitely* get out there, who cares if the quality is less than perfect, as you guys yourselves sang, getting new shoes is better than old shoes but old shoes is better than none at all (and this from a guy who *still* walks barefeet tons!).
I love it that Mary went out to Hawaii and stayed five kids and thirty years later! So sweet!

love and locomotion, Arno


Are the lyrics of your songs available?

Some of us don't always get the natrural Frisco's dialect (especially if English is not your native language).


Hi, I listen to your 2003-CD all the time. I like it because it has the original 6Ts sound that other CD's of bands that also made new albums a long time after the 6ts lack: they have newer songs or their CDs sound too new for me.

I'm not able to purchase your annoucned 2015 documentary/CD here (Europe), but maybe I'll have to wait a bit more.

Thanks, please make some more good stuff. Im very fond of you.

Kind regards,
Marcel (Netherlands, Europe).
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