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To Our Friends and Fans,

Please sign our guestbook and let us know that you're out there.
We've received many messages from folks who have interesting anecdotes
from the mind expanding and exciting times of the 60's and 70's.

With Love,
The Ace of Cups

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Rick Turner 

Hiya!   I was one of the Alembic crew that did the PA/recording gig at San Quentin with you and Quicksilver.   What a bizarre gig that was!   Really glad to see that you're all still around.

Rick Turner

Geordi Spiritman 

I'll be danged! Still cookin'! How kewl is that?!? I first saw you at the free concert in the panhandle in SF ('66? 67?). I was sitting on top of the generator truck and had a terrific time. You guys, Quicksilver, Hendrix, others I can no longer remember. Ah, those were the days, right?

Ran into the drummer and a nice guy on keyboard playing at the Holiday Inn in San Jose mid/late '90's (Crossover?) The wife and I had a nice time that weekend. We were doing a hypnosis seminar there. 

Never gonna hang up my rock-n-roll shoes! :-)

Roy Kelsey 

Hi Ladies,
I ran the Poppycock at the time you played there.
I was just reminiscing over some of the bands that played there and found your site.

The Poppycock was open quite a while before 1969, I was there in 1968-9.
Glad to see you are still around, an awful lot of us from that time are gone.

Best of everything too you all.


Steven Tickes 

I saw you guys at the Continental Ballroom in Santa Clara with Quicksilver and James Cotton on 8/4. Can't remember the year. The whole show was awesome!! 

thanks, SteveT.


Heard A of C on

Denise Kaufman 

I'm pointing you to the link above that says "send us an email."

Denise Kaufman 

Martha Wax and anyone else who has written to us on this site - please send an email from the link above so I can get back to you!  With love, d

michael lindner 

wow.. great set on sunday. great to see and hear you gals and to be on the same record label...
              marvin  gardens...
  please stay in touch 

  all the best,

Martha Wax 

Hey, all of you. It's Martha.  I want to come see you next week @ Rancho Nicasio!  So...Mary, after our talk, I not so long ago called you in Hawaii & got a disconnected #. Perhaps I misdailed, will try again.  I don't have a computer but you can email me if you get this this week & I'll check it.  Luckily I ran into Peter last week and got news of Joe.  He forwarded my # to him.  Sure hope to see you.  It's been way too long. Maybe Casey can come up.  I see his sons.  love always,  Martha

Chris Emery 


Too cool. I just saw your going to be playing some more gigs.I'm bummed that I've learned about your whistlestock show too late to be able to attend it sounds fantastic.
I caught you at Bullfrog and at Country Fair in Eugene and had insanely great times at both.
I hope I will be able to see you again soon.
Please keep me informed of upcoming gigs.

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