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We've received many messages from folks who have interesting anecdotes
from the mind expanding and exciting times of the 60's and 70's.

With Love,
The Ace of Cups

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Brian Krajewski 

Brian Krajewski, Cleveland Ohio  -  Born in '77 but still love ya


Hi!  I was a few years younger and missed the Golden Age (of course I had my own golden age of life-changing/affirming experiences in LA from about '67 on)- but I remember seeing the Ace of Cups credited on Volunteers when it came out and wondering if you were a band or a single person.  Had no idea you were one of the first (THE first I think, you were before Fanny) female bands.  Glad to know you are playing.  I'd love to see you play. I'm located in Costa Mesa.  Let me know what you're up to.


Martin Holsinger 

I heard y'all just once, at the Carousel--I think the date was 2-14-68?  You did a song about s friend of yours having a baby, and it was some of the most beautiful music I heard in the 70's, my wife and I had all of our children at home, and it was, indeed, a lyrical experience.  My income is limited these days, but I am putting your Cd on my "buy" list.  Great to know you're still playing!

Mark Alexander Simpson 

i love your band…i have been fascinated with who the band was ever since reading mouse and kellys paper tiger book when i was young..i was raised in nz….i think the ace of cups was totally revolutionary…thank you for the music..with love from mark alexander simpson .age 40 from paraparaumu nz.

Kathleen Beach 

Hope I get to hear you soon!

Don and Mary Eggers 

To our cousin Diane...we're so proud of all of you. We enjoyed listening to you guys while preparing to make your new CD...can't wait to hear the finished project.


I'm 17 and I've just recently discovered your record. I absolute love it!! I've always loved music from the late 60's, but you guys' record is total perfection. The blend of garage rock and wistful gospel-esqe jams is incredible. It's also rad that y'all are an all-girl band, breaking all the rules back then! Keep rockin! I could blast your music any day.

Larry Villarin 

Hi Denise
I just sent the previous message. my mail server is funky, that's why I'm using the guest book. Sorry. 

Larry Villarin 

Hi Denise
One of my favorite tunes is Flute Song, but as Quicksilver does it (I confess I don't know which guy sings it), a few of the lyrics are hard to understand. Any chance you could please send me the lyrics? I love this song. Thank you very much.


Steven Baigel 

Oh my!

So I found myself wondering about The Ace of Cups and your story. As a documentary filmmaker (camera, editor) I found myself thinking what a potentially wonderful documentary film on you might be worth looking into making. Reading the liner notes on the It's Bad For You ... cd even more so I felt that a documentary film was just begging to be made. Then coming to your web site I see that a documentary is in fact in production! Well, that took the proverbial wind out of my sail. But then I wondered if there was any way I might be of assistance? 

I'm based in Berkeley and would love to talk to whoever is spearheading this project. All the best in that endeavor no matter what! Hope I hear from you!

All my best!

Steven (510 841-5599)

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